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Fortnite Creative Designer & Content Creator

Digital Marketing - Fortnite Creative

Dux has been creating Fortnite Experiences for over 5 years, all to a high standard with each map reaching millions of unique players. With Dux being one of the most successful creators in Fortnite, experiences created by Dux have reached 100's of millions of plays, engaging players all across the world.

Dux is one of the most recognizable names in the Fortnite Creative & UEFN community, creations by Dux were hand picked by the developers of Fortnite, Epic Games not once but twice to be featured as Limited Time Modes which were featured on the front page of Fortnite alongside the core Battle Royale modes for multiple days each. Dux has also been Featured in the Creative Hub over 25 times and has often hit the charts in the Most Played Category with many creations going on to becoming some of Fortnite's Most Played Maps.

Dux was one of the first top creators to emerge in this space and has more experience than almost any other creator, with major success dating back to 2019. Check out some Creative Codes from Dux below.

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